Capital Link

Capital Link

Capital Link

Dispersing growth and value

Capital Link is a pioneering Egypt-based real estate investment company that develops new residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects in the local Egyptian market.
We make sure that each and every project launched by our company has two main traits: income generation and adding real unique value to this specific niche.
Carrying the name and logo of a flagship real estate investor like Capital Link is a great responsibility that needs to be handled with utmost proficiency in order to live up to customer expectations.

Core aim

In a challengeable real estate market packed with eager real estate investment companies armed with high financial and executional capabilities, our tasks get harder day after day, but we are absolutely up to it.
Taking the market’s daily dynamics into consideration, our core aim which we vest upon the whole strategy is creating income-generating investment opportunities catered to meet the demands of all real estate investors.
We make sure this is attainable by conducting thorough studies to find out the market’s current needs, and also to come up with a specific list including the most lucrative investment opportunities available.

Our values

Centro Link believes in five main aims that define all its operations.

  1. Progressiveness

    It is the concept of always being ahead of others. This makes us always aspiring to hire the most motivated and experienced calibers, execute all our proceedings and operations on scientific basis, and study all our decisions thoroughly to realize their proportions and outcomes.

  2. Integrity

    Being a crucial factor of success, Capital Link has always been keen on executing its deals and operations in accordance with the strictest codes of full integrity.
    Our dedication and expertise enable us to provide only valuable and meaningful products that can benefit our clients.

  3. Awareness

    Taking leadership could be tricky, given the intense competition and tough market situation, however, maintaining leadership is a bit trickier.
    It is all about being aware of the daily market’s changes. Not only that, but also to have an agile business structure that could respond and deal with these changes.

  4. Partnership

    Acting solely will never make our business goals attainable. In Capital Link, we believe in integrating and partnering up with other entities, either public or private, to reach our goals.
    That is why we seek building strategic alliances in order to maximize our investment returns and provide the best products abiding by the highest world-class standards.

  5. Team Spirit

    Capital Link is not just another business entity or a company, but it is a body that is composed of professional calibers, stakeholders, customers, and has a mind and spirit.
    For the sake of maintaining enthusiasm, the company makes sure it is ambitious not only on the organizational level, but also on the individual level.


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