Real estate projects made for definitive cause

Driven by its main aim of creating real added value and lucrative investment opportunities in each project, Capital Link principally focuses on placing its new establishments in Egypt’s most promising locations.

The new projects are ideally situated in Cairo’s top-demanded areas, such as New Cairo district.

Varying in type, price, and category, they all share one common trait; being income-generating assets that provide profitable properties to potential investors.


Beautifully Proportioned

Capital Link is keen on providing beautifully proportioned properties in order to best suit customer demands and conform in all its solutions to what they exactly have in mind.

With smart designs integrating all means of upscale living with communal and leisure facilities, the company provides utterly new concepts regarded as a real breakthrough to the Egyptian real estate market.

Besides aesthetic aspects, Capital Link also combines practical features in all its projects to catch investors’ eyes and achieve high salability and marketability records.



Positioned in the heart of New Cairo with a direct access to the 90th axis which makes it easily linked to the whole district, the new project, Centro, stands to deliver a new conceptualization of mixed-use real estate projects introduced for the first time in Egypt.

Centro lies in Lotus area only five minutes away from the American University in Cairo and New Cairo Club, in addition to Cairo’s top branded residential and commercial complexes.


Project Features

Centro is a two-storey building standing on a massive land area and offers a wide spectrum of units varying in type, size, and orientation.

The ground floor is mainly a retail center comprising of large showrooms and retail spaces suitable for all utilizations.

The other two floors are administrative, offering several office spaces with different proportions to fit all needs.

The project features a wide set of amenities including a fitness center located on the rooftop floor, underground parking spaces, and a series of fancy restaurants and cafés.


Distinctive Work Experience

Centro makes work more fun. Its location is easy for occupants to reach, turning Cairo’s strenuous commutes into short and easy ones.

The available amenities turn leisure times into exotic unforgettable moments as all occupants will have access to spacious and well-equipped fitness centers, in addition to a wide range of eating and entertainment choices.

In fact, Centro takes mixed-use real estate concepts to a whole new level by providing a divergent set of properties in only one location under one roof.



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