Developing New Cairo’s modern landmarks

Progate is more than just a real estate developer laying slabs and founding structures, it is a landmark builder that is keen on introducing brand new concepts in architecture and urban development.

With a deep belief in perfect planning and thorough market research, Progate was established in 2010 on a solid basis to contribute in the large-scale real estate transformation taking place in the new urban centers on the fringes of Cairo.

The company started by collating well-experienced leaders and decision makers with ambitious executives and top-tier technical capabilities.

Upon clear strategy, smart and innovative operations were undertaken to prove the company’s presence in the first place as a unique real estate developer keen on creating vivid manifestations of real added value.


Progate Track Record

In a very careful manner to maintain a solid reputation, Progate knitted a long track record composed of iconic establishments scattered around Shorouk City and New Cairo.

The company has successfully developed more than 30 projects in Shorouk City in addition to 25 projects in New Cairo.

The projects come as a part of the company’s principal orientation of elevating the urban reality in Cairo suburbs and new settlements. This integrates with the current general trend of urbanizing Egypt’s deserts and reducing the pressure on Egypt’s Nile valley.

Main Beliefs

In Progate, we believe that successful outcomes are attainable by building up a homogenous teamwork capable of maintaining seamless work operations.

Moreover, we are keen on choosing the best locations to establish our ventures where high demand rates are found.

By embracing the latest updates in architecture and façade designing, Progate features modern designs in all its projects.

To ensure total convenience for customers, the company provides upscale properties with attainable prices in addition to flexibe payment schedules and easy terms.



To be a leading real estate investor and developer by introducing real smart and innovative property solutions to the Egyptian market.

Between what the companies are offering and the aspirations of investors, there is an evident gap in the Egyptian market stretching between both sectors. Since its establishment, Progate has been aware of this gap and it aims to fill it with highly demanded products.


Company Values

Progate believes that a number of critical values should be the core of its business to maintain a successful business model.

  • Honesty and Integrity in what we say and what we do.
  • Commitment always doing what is right whatever it takes.
  • Communication sharing what needs to be shared in a totally open and clear manner.
  • Accountability we are held accountable to all our acts and deals.
  • Respect building up strong relations based on respect with all stakeholders.
  • Leadership/Initiative it is not about taking part, it is about taking initiative.
  • Teamwork success is never attainable without a strong belief shared by all team players.
  • Quality our main driver.
  • Customer Satisfaction our main aim.


  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Construction