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Our Services


Positioned in the heart of New Cairo with a direct access to the 90th axis which makes it easily linked to the whole district, the new project, Centro, stands to deliver a new conceptualization of mixed-use real estate projects introduced for the first time in Egypt.
Centro lies in Lotus area only five minutes away from the American University in Cairo and New Cairo Club, in addition to Cairo’s top branded residential and commercial complexes.

Administrative Offices

Beautifully proportioned units planned and designed to meet the divergent needs of customers.
The administrative units in Centro feature different sizes and designs to make perfect fit for all business needs either new start-ups, small bureaus, medium-size, or big-size companies.
With world-class finishes and designs incorporating the finest building materials, Centro office spaces will definitely make your tedious and tiring working days more interesting.



Centro is ideally located in the heart of New Cairo only minutes from the capital’s most important highways.
Moreover, it stands in a close proximate to a big number of business venues, shopping malls, educational organizations, entertainment areas, and fancy residential compounds.
There is no doubt that having an administrative unit in such a perfect location will turn to be a significant factor in your success.



The units are well serviced with a wide array of amenities including a capacious parking lot stretched over a whole underground floor, fitness gym, and an entertainment area to pass quality times enjoying its divergent set of restaurants and cafes.
Above all that, Centro offers maintenance services that abide by the most ideal standards in this respect.
Maintenance is put in line with many other property management services like cleaning and security that aim to ensure securing a positive work environment that is totally capable of incubating a lot of successful businesses.



Centro overlooks a large land lot that is poised to witness the construction of a comprehensive entertainment park managed by a multinational company. Through the building’s walls of glass, the park is expected to make a great scene for viewers.

Retail Spaces

Propitious opportunities for starting a retail business in such a promising
establishment in New Cairo.

The units available at Centro project vary in size, location, and orientation.
However, they are all well serviced and perfectly designed to meet all needs.

They are perfect to initiate a gourmet restaurant, a café, or a fast-food restaurant
offering quick meals to customers.

Located in Cairo’s top business and commercial district that bustles with live and
activity, the units will always witness high turnout either from morning employees
or evening passers.

New Concept

Incorporating various options of retail businesses in a top-tier administrative
building is a new concept introduced for the first time by Centro.

This idea aims at offering an attractive work environment and a perfect business
incubation facility for owners.

Above all that, Centro can be an ideal entertainment venue offering unique
leisure experience for those looking for having exceptional memories with friends
or family in New Cairo.


Ideally located in the heart of New Cairo district, Centro’s retail units have direct
access to the Fifth Settlement’s main axis 90 th Street which connects it to the rest
of the area.

Thanks to Cairo’s ring road and Suez highway, the retail center is only minutes
away from Maadi, Moqattam, Nasr City, Rehab, Heliopolis and Shorouk City.


Centro offers a wide range of property management services including cleaning,
maintenance, and security.

The project guarantees seamless provision of basic facilities critical to run any
retail project like electricity, water, and gas. All measures ensuring the building’s
safety have been taken also.